You Might be a Trump Voter if you thought

• That he’ll bring back high paying manufacturing jobs
• Health care costs will go down
• Speaking at a fifth-grade level suggest a man of the people
• ISIS will be destroyed because of his secret plan
• The world would respect the United states
• Coal was the energy of the future
• Trade tariffs will ultimately benefit you
• Working Mexicans contribute less than your unemployed friends
• Trump is smarter than all the generals
• The national Enquirer is the ultimate source of facts
• Clean water is just for wusies
• Lower corporate taxes will benefit you
• Your religion is better than theirs
• Lies are facts if repeated often enough
• Having a President that you trust is not important
• Rambling on tweeter is a sign of greatness
• There was no such thing as a 30-foot ladder
• The pipeline construction would use American steel
• The very best people would be picked to surround the president
• There should be more profit in education
• Saying you are going to do something is an accomplishment
• Truth and facts are to be ignored if they conflict with your beliefs
• Why think

Promises Made Not Kept

A special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton

One promise that exemplifies Trump’s character more than it does his ability to enact policy was his pledge to investigate his political opponent. “I will ask to appoint a special prosecutor. We have to investigate Hillary Clinton, and we have to investigate the investigation,” he said during the race. Actually, the only special prosecutor active during his administration has been Robert Mueller, and he sure isn’t on Clinton’s trail. Trump’s yet to revisit this issue, but his crowds still chant “lock her up!” to this day.

Repeal and replace

Another hallmark promise of the Trump campaign was the repeal and replacement of the pinnacle achievement of the Obama administration, known as Obamacare. Matter of fact, Trump said he would begin this process on day one of his tenure (actually, he said he would repeal it on day one, but that was before he knew that he couldn’t do that). The reality? After widespread public opposition and protests, Senate Republicans have failed to pass their legislation, which would have stripped more 20 million Americans of their health insurance, by one vote. The president is unlikely to propose a solution that the American public wants, and needs, but look for him to revisit this issue again in the future..

No days off

LOL! Remember this? “I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off,” Trump once said, according to Politifact. Trump repeatedly criticized Barack Obama when he took a family vacation or spent time on the golf course.

Muslim ban

After pledging to immediately ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. — again, this was a first-day thing in theory — Trump toned it down when he took office.

Sure, he attempted to restrict the inflow of visitors and immigrants from seven Muslim majority nations a few months into his presidency, but that failed miserably and led to swaths of protests at airports and cities across the country when introduced. His second attempt at a ban reduced that seven to six and didn’t fare much better. Shortly after that “revised” order was introduced, Trump’s senior policy adviser and travel-ban architect, Stephen Miller, admitted it was the same as the first one, so they couldn’t even get revising right.

The crises of course was immediate, well actually it would be immediate when the courts ok it.

No cuts to Medicaid

“I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid,” Trump once promised, Politifact reported.

But Republicans have been aiming to gut Medicaid for years now, and Trump’s past budget proposal planned to cut the social program by $800 billion. It’s unclear what the future holds for Medicaid at the moment, but the worth of this promise has been proven.

Tax cuts

Trump promised tax cuts for the middle class and pledged to end loopholes that corporations have taken advantage of for decades. But there are few details of Trump’s actual tax reform measures, and the details that are available look like they will shower only the wealthiest with cash. Some of his most vocal supporters, like Ann Coulter, have called him on on this.

Tax returns

After denials and excuses, Trump finally promised to release his tax returns once the Internal Revenue Service’s audit was finished mid-campaign. Thing is, he has yet to actually do so even though the IRS says he’s free to make them public any time he likes. After his election, Kellyanne Conway — bless her heart — finally admitted that he likely never will. Sorry, everyone.


His most recent failed promise is his campaign pledge to protect children brought to the country by their undocumented parents. Trump previously said he loved the DREAMers. Welp,  he sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions out to announce that the Obama-era program would be rescinded, putting 800,000 people in jeopardy and in the crosshairs of deportation. Of course, he left the decision ultimately up to Congress, as there will be a six-month delay, providing himself with plausible deniability to say in the future that it was the fault of lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

The border wall

You know it; you love it. In perhaps Trump’s earliest and most famous campaign promise he pledged to build a “big,” “beautiful” wall along the nearly 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border and would demand that Mexico pay for it.

OK while he claimes to love the militery he takes Billions from their budget to get started after 3 years. No not 2,000 miles, just a few so he can have pictures taken. 

No Mexico won’t pay.